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Catalog 2021-2022 
Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bookkeeping +

This certificate prepares students for entry-level positions in bookkeeping. Students will gain an understanding of accounting principles and practices, financial markets, banking, and analysis and reporting of financial data. The program prepares students for certification exams required for the NACPB’s Certified Public Bookkeeper license. Courses in this program may be applied to the CCV Accounting A.S.  degree.

+ This program can be completed fully online.

Bookkeeping Semester Map

Bookkeeping to Professional Studies - Certificate to Degree Map

Bookkeeping to Business - Certificate to Degree Map

Bookkeeping to Accounting - Certificate to Degree Map

Program Outcomes

Students who complete the Bookkeeping certificate will be able to: 

  • identify, explain, and apply generally accepted accounting principles and managerial concepts upon which accounting is based;
  • apply generally accepted accounting principles and managerial principles and concepts to specific accounting and reporting issues;
  • identify agencies and organizations within the accounting profession established to evaluate and promulgate accounting principles;
  • prepare accurate financial statements, schedules and reports, and conduct appropriate analyses to determine financial impacts upon an organization; and
  • explore pathways and demonstrate preparedness for educational and career development in the student’s field of study.


Total Credits: 29