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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Planning Your Associate Degree

CCV offers students a choice of many different programs leading to associate of arts (A.A.) and associate of science (A.S.) degrees. Students work closely with CCV advisors to determine which degree program best fits their personal interests and career goals. CCV degree programs prepare students for a range of professional fields including business, technology, arts, allied health, and behavioral science. Students who prefer a high degree of flexibility in course selection may take advantage of CCV’s Liberal Studies, Professional Studies, or STEM Studies degrees and choose from a broad array of courses in liberal arts and technical fields.

Students may enroll either full- or part-time in all degree programs, and the vast majority of our degree students attend part-time (or fewer than four courses per semester). Students are eligible for all services including financial aid counseling and academic advising, regardless of full or part-time status.

Requirements for the Associate Degree

CCV’s associate degree requires a minimum of 60 college-level credits. Depending on the degree program, students complete between 19 and 22 college-level courses. Each degree is made up of two components: the general education  requirements and the program concentration requirements. General education requirements are required for every CCV degree program and provide students with a strong foundation of academic skills across a range of disciplines. Program concentration requirements are different for each degree and help students build skills and knowledge for specific professional fields.

Associate Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements (33-39 credits)

Program Concentration Requirements (21-30 credits)

Electives (0-9 credits)

The objectives and course requirements for each program can be accessed here .

Additional graduation requirements are listed in the Degree Completion Policy, available at www.ccv.edu/policy.

General Education Requirements

The purpose of the general education program at CCV is to develop engaged, self-directed, and collaborative learners who demonstrate core competencies, recognize and apply strategies of inquiry, and embrace the challenge, complexity, and wonder of our interconnected world.

The general education program at CCV is fully integrated with the Vermont State Colleges System General Education Framework. 

General Education Requirements for AA and AS Degrees*

First Semester Seminar

Introductory Written Expression - VSCS

Digital and Computing Literacy - VSCS

Mathematics - VSCS

Natural Science - VSCS

Social Science - VSCS

Arts & Aesthetics - VSCS

Humanistic Perspectives - VSCS


Research & Writing Intensive

Seminar in Educational Inquiry

VSCS- These courses meet the Vermont State College System General Education Framework.


*View the General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees  for additional information including general education requirements for Liberal Studies and a list of courses that meet the general education requirements.