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Catalog 2011-2012 
Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Getting Started


The Community College of Vermont is an open admissions college, providing access to anyone who can contribute to and gain from post-secondary education. Students who are new to CCV may complete the College’s admissions process throughout the calendar year and are encouraged to meet all admissions requirements before the beginning of the registration period for the semester in which they plan to enroll. CCV has a simple no-fee application process, which can be completed at anytime.

Students may seek admission as either a degree or non-degree student. Those taking classes for personal enrichment or still enrolled in high school are considered non-degree students. Those who plan to transfer their CCV courses to a degree program at another college may apply either as non-degree or degree students. However, students planning to apply for most financial aid programs must apply as degree students.

Degree Students

If you intend to earn a degree at CCV or elsewhere, you are considered a degree student. You must be a degree student to be eligible for most financial aid programs. To complete the admission process, you must:

  • submit an application online at www.ccv.edu/apply;
  • complete skills assessments in reading, sentence skills and arithmetic (and algebra for specific classes) at a CCV academic center for placement purposes. A CCV academic advisor may waive the assessments for students presenting a transcript of previous college work or sufficient SAT or ACT scores;*
  • submit official transcripts of all previous college work to: Registrar’s Office, CCV, PO Box 489, Montpelier, VT 05601-0489;
  • talk to an academic advisor at your local CCV academic center about your interests, course selection, and degree programs; and
  • apply early if you want to use financial aid. See www.ccv.edu/financial_aid for forms and information.

Non-Degree Students

If you are taking CCV courses for personal interest or professional advancement, and not currently working toward a college degree, you are considered a non-degree student. You are also considered a non-degree student if you will be enrolled in high school and CCV courses at the same time. To complete the admissions process, you must:

  • submit an application online at www.ccv.edu/apply; and
  • complete skills assessments at a CCV academic center or present a transcript of equivalent college-level work to an academic advisor.

Once all the above admissions requirements are met, students are admitted by the College and are eligible to enroll in courses for which they are academically qualified.


In order to register, new students must first be admitted to the College and are encouraged to meet all of the College’s admissions requirements before the registration period begins. All CCV offices hold registration for several weeks prior to the start of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Visit www.ccv.edu for more information on CCV’s registration dates and options.

Students may register for courses online by logging into the College’s portal at https://portal.ccv.edu and using VSC Web Services. Students may also register in person at any CCV academic center. Payment due dates are posted at www.ccv.edu/paying_for_college.

Non-degree and returning students may also register and pay for courses by phone, mail, or fax using the registration form in the semester Schedule. Visit www.ccv.edu for more information on CCV’s registration dates and options.


Attendance is absolutely essential for you to succeed in your classes and to get the financial aid you’ve been awarded. See your course description, syllabus, and the attendance and financial aid policies for more details.

*Assessments are required if a student’s combined SAT Critical Reading and Writing score is below 1100 (or if either score is below 500) or the SAT Math score is below 520. ACT English, Reading, and Math scores must each total 22 or higher for an assessment waiver.