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Catalog 2017-2018 
Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Studies (A.A.) with Specialization in Global Studies

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About the Degree
Career Information
Program & General Education Requirements  

CCV’s Liberal Studies degree with a specialization in Global Studies affords you the benefits of a broad grounding in the liberal arts, combined with a timely focus on the global aspects and implications of your studies. As businesses and organizations increasingly seek staff with international experience and competencies, you will find that the skills and understanding you gain from this specialization will help you in securing employment and benefiting from the diversity of cultures and languages within your community and workplaces. You’ll become acquainted with the nature and extent of the serious issues that affect the globe and many of its peoples. You will develop a basic knowledge of diverse cultural practices, values, and differences that allows you to engage effectively in working relationships with a range of populations.

The specialization in Global Studies comprises 18 credits in courses with a global focus and is designed to work within the student’s Liberal Studies degree program and General Education requirements.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Liberal Studies program will be able to:

  • demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in a variety of disciplines;
  • apply the vocabulary, foundational theories, and problem-solving methodologies that define scientific literacy and scientific method in the natural world;
  • demonstrate knowledge of some of the techniques used in art, literature, humanities, and/or philosophy to convey ideas and express thought and feeling;
  • explain some of the ways in which social scientists and/or historians gather and interpret evidence to explain human behavior;
  • apply appropriate technologies to locate, manipulate, and represent information electronically;
  • apply an interdisciplinary approach to their learning, drawing from various disciplines to cultivate multiple perspectives on problems, issues, and topics;
  • articulate a learning rationale for and the outcomes of their individual course choices in the Liberal Studies program;
  • demonstrate academic skills required of all CCV graduates in writing, information literacy, oral communication, and quantitative reasoning; and
  • explore pathways for educational and career development in the student’s field of study.

This program is great for you if:

  • you have an interest in learning more about the world beyond our borders;
  • you would like to travel internationally or work abroad;
  • you feel a strong sense of global responsibility and citizenship;
  • you understand the value of broad cultural knowledge and conversing in a foreign language;
  • you wish to enhance your employment opportunities in workplaces with diverse staff, markets, and/or clientele;
  • you plan to transfer to a four year degree program in global studies, anthropology, international relations, or a related field; and
  • you are preparing for a career that requires some knowledge of foreign languages, diversity issues, intercultural communication skills, and global competencies.

Key information and advice for students in the Liberal Studies degree with a specialization in Global Studies:

  • The Specialization in Global Studies is taken as part of a Liberal Studies degree and cannot be completed alone.
  • Students must complete 12 credits of required global studies classes, and can choose from a broad range of global courses in other areas to fulfill remaining program requirements according to their particular schedules, interests, and ambitions.
  • Many global courses are easily accessible and the program can be completed with a minimum of travelling.
  • Participating in a Study Abroad program at CCV is an excellent way to enhance a Global Studies concentration.
  • Global competence is now broadly viewed as a vital 21st century skill set that a wide range of employers in business, economics, government, education, media and communications, transportation, tourism, and nonprofit organizations are demanding.
  • The specialization allows students to gain additional global competencies in areas cited by employers as being particularly desirable such as foreign language; intercultural communication skills; awareness, sensitivity, and tolerance of differences in values and cultural practices; an international perspective; and an understanding of the United States’ role in the world.

The Liberal Studies degree with a specialization in Global Studies prepares you for careers such as:

  • Translator and Interpreter
  • Diversity Manager
  • Community Advocate
  • Media and Public Relations Specialist
  • Immigration Official
  • Foreign Correspondent

Job outlook in Global Studies in the state of Vermont:

Median Salary
Projected Growth (10 Yrs)
Translator/Interpreter (with further study) $37,360 2.8%
Equal Opportunity Officer $59,440 1.1%
Immigration & Customs Inspector $73,140 -.3%
Public Relations Specialist $46,980 1.3%
Social Services Specialist $34,660 .9%


Source: Vermont Department of Labor,

Transfer Options:

For more information about special transfer agreements between CCV and other colleges, visit our transfer page.

Visit to learn about additional bachelor degree options in Vermont.

Program & General Education Requirements

CCV’s Liberal Studies degree with a specialization in Global Studies gives you the freedom to create a program that meets your educational and career goals.

Courses are listed in the order in which we recommend you take them.

Areas of Inquiry

Complete one of each of the following:

Integrative Approaches

Complete one of each of the following:

Program Requirements

Global Studies Courses - 18 credits

Choose 18 credits of Global Studies courses, including the following:



  • a minimum of 3 credits in Foreign Language* (preferably 6 credits in one language);


In addition, from the Global Studies course list , choose:

  • a minimum of 3 credits in Human Behavior;
  • and remaining courses to total at least 18 credits in Global Studies courses.


Although not required, a Study Abroad experience is strongly recommended for students who complete this specialization.

Liberal Studies Electives - minimum of 12 credits

Choose any college-level courses that meet your educational and career goals.

Electives - 3 credits


*No more than one foreign language course may be applied to meet the Human Expression requirement.

Courses chosen from the Global Studies Specialization Course List  may be applied to both the general education and global studies specialization requirements in the Liberal Studies degree. You may not use a single course to meet two general education requirements.

Minimum Total Credits in Degree: 60

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