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  Jul 24, 2017
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Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Assisted Drafting & Design (A.S.)

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About the Degree
Career Information
General Education Requirements 
Program Requirements 

The Computer Assisted Drafting & Design (CADD) program combines general education and workplace skills with a strong focus on computer-aided drafting and design. You will develop foundational skills in blueprint reading and architectural drafting, along with specialized skills in computer-aided design, including three-dimensional drafting. The program is designed to prepare skilled drafting technicians for entry-level positions in a variety of career fields where further specialization can occur at the place of employment. An internship field experience is required. This program is offered in Winooski.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Computer Aided Drafting & Design program will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and skills that meet industry standards and Autodesk certification requirements in the use of CAD technology;
  • develop professional presentations of drawings for a variety of purposes and audiences;
  • work collaboratively as a team member in various professional environments and technical businesses;
  • develop a portfolio of professional quality products;
  • demonstrate academic skills required of all CCV graduates including competency in writing, information literacy, oral communication, and quantitative reasoning; and
  • explore pathways for educational and career development in the student’s field of study.

The Computer Assisted Drafting & Design program is great for you if: 

  • you are searching for a career in a technical field;
  • you are preparing to continue on for a bachelor’s degree in engineering;
  • you have strong math and science skills; and
  • you are interested in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, or Construction.

Key information and advice for students in the Computer Assisted Drafting & Design program:

  • The required courses for this degree are offered in Winooski, and the general education and elective courses are available at CCV’s 12 academic centers statewide and online.
  • Students will develop proficiency in technical drafting and computer-aided design, including three-dimensional drafting.
  • As part of the program, this degree prepares students for long-term success by including essential skills in communication and business management.
  • The program prepares students for an entry-level position as a drafting technician in a variety of career fields.
  • Students need to complete Pre-Calculus and Physics for this program.

The Computer Assisted Drafting & Design program prepares you for careers such as:

  • Mechanical Drafter
  • CAD Designer
  • Control Systems Engineer

Job outlook in Computer Assisted Drafting in Design in the state of Vermont:

Median Salary
Projected Growth (10 Yrs)
 Mechanical Drafter  $54,760  9.1%


 Source: Vermont Department of Labor

Transfer Options:

For more information about special transfer agreements between CCV and other colleges, visit our transfer page.

Visit to learn about additional bachelor degree options in Vermont.

General Education Requirements

All associate degrees include completion of general education requirements which, together with program requirements, constitute a minimum of 60 credits. In some cases program requirements also fulfill general education requirements. You may not use a single course to meet two general education requirements.

Core Competencies

Complete at least one course in each of the following:

Areas of Inquiry

Complete at least one course in each of the following:

Integrative Approaches

Complete at least one course in the following:

Complete the following:


Electives: 4 - 7 credits


* You may use a course to meet both a program requirement and a general education requirement; however, you may not use a single course to meet two general education requirements.

Minimum Total Credits in Degree: 60

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